DAV Chapter 31, here to help our Veterans
DAV Auxillary

The DAV Auxillary is here to help with Helping local Veterans, Volunteering at a VA Hospital, and Driving a van.

Contact Info
  • 140 Ragland Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30241
  • (706) 415-0174
  • dav-aux@davlagrange.com
  • Pending

DAV Lagrange Auxillary

A strong and active membership is key to the success of any member-based organization, and that holds true for the DAV Auxiliary. Much like those standing in a military formation, our members bolster our collective strength. That's why I challenge everyone in the Auxiliary to look for new and creative ways to increase our ranks. Of course, eligibility to join our nearly 150,000-strong organization is open to the families, including extended relatives, of any military veteran who was not dishonorably discharged. Likewise, those related to existing DAV Auxiliary members are always encouraged to join us in our truly noble cause. One program I'm particularly proud of is our Juniors. It may come as a surprise to some that joining our organization can never start too early. In fact, families can begin a life membership for children beginning at birth. All that's required is a $20 down payment, which locks in the current life rate of $250. Any payments made while a Junior member is under 18 will count toward a full lifetime membership to the Auxiliary.

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